Iryna Zamuruieva /UA/SCT

Iryna Zamuruieva makes images, writes, walks, organises and performs. Originally from the middle of the Ukrainian steppe, Iryna now lives by the North Sea coast in Scotland. Here she works with a sustainability organisation Sniffer on transforming organisations and places to flourish in the future climate. This involves leading climate change adaptation projects (with Adaptation Scotland), researching the role of creative practices in eco-social transformations (with CreaTures) and creating structures for collaborative, care-ful and non-hierarchical decision-making. In her independent practice Iryna explores multispecies relations from pigs and viruses to natures to walking and steppes & ecofeminism. In her recent work she dreams to see the steppe again with Dr. Darya Tsymbalyuk and imagines a dog opera with Dr. Kit Braybrooke.

6 Oct Thu 16:00 CEST

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