Re-coding of Embroidery

WORKSHOP by Alena Drury Sojková
IN-PERSON at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

Embroidery workshop performed in collaboration with artificial intelligence.

5 Oct Wed 15:00 CEST

5 Oct Wed 17:30 CEST

embroidery, artificial intelligence, digital art, slow art, handmade, text-to-image neural networks

The shared experience of creating embroidery patterns on clothing items or home accessories has been an established ritual in many cultures around the world. Each pattern communicates its own narrative and carries a unique imprint of the author. This kind of slow, hand-made art has regained popularity in the last decade across generations as an alternative to the instant and often fast-paced digital content that can be produced on a large scale and made available immediately, to anyone interested.

The workshop invites participants to create collaborative artwork, using the traditional technique of embroidery. The creative and contemplative process will be inspired by patterns produced both by human minds and artificial intelligence. The follow-up discussion will address questions about the ‘code’ of embroidery, the act of getting lost, and the potential of using AI technology in contemporary art pedagogy.

Alena Drury Sojková

A.D.S. is a student in a doctoral program Theory of Art and Gallery Education at the Masaryk University Brno. Her research activities have been focused on didactic models of new media in art pedagogy. The participative aspect of contemporary art in education has become a central theme of her studies. She has been conducting a series of workshops reflecting the cultural background of embroidery in a dialogue with contemporary art. Her interest in the interaction of slow art and digital technology evolved into an inquiry into the possibilities of using AI tools in art and education.